this muslim poet really went on for longer than tolerable about misogyny in rap (which could have been amazing but… when people who are clearly detached given that women who look like them get shown a lot more favor in rap… start talking about “we” like they’re torn down just the same… elohel) and what pissed me off is that she then threw in this comma about Beyonce and how she shouldn’t dress the way she does or dance the way she does while simultaneously being vocally feminist because it reduces her to *says things about slavery and I remind you again this woman was not Black, but here she comes lecturing Black American women on our history and how it should affect us* and I’m just sitting here like, I appreciate that you value different things in your womanhood and feminism, but if you could not push those values on others???

actually, i was more like bitch fuck you, but.

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ladies understand this


that’s why some of yaw “baeless” now.


I have no problem being “Bae-less” though 👆 so this would be exactly why 😊 carry on

Forever reblog!

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Demonstrations in front of Waterfield @ #MurrayState. #MikeBrown #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace #HandsUpDontShoot

just passing through while i figuratively kill myself via homework to say that i went to an event tonight for black women and opened up about my rape and suicide attempt which prompted a lot of people to open up about their own experiences (being molested as a child, being forced to have an abortion, etc.) and i feel so much better and just… WOMEN ARE AWESOME YOU GUYS. WHEN WE GET TOGETHER? WHEN WE STOP COMPETING FOR THE SAKE OF COMPETING AND JUST????? OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY AND I FEEL SO CLEAN!

i made friends guys. like, i think i’m going to finish this semester and not hate school anymore and i’ll be graduating and it’ll be sad. but grad school i guess.

and my friend from high school that i went to france with who graduated in may is writing me a letter of recommendation. like do you know how proud i am of her? that’s her first letter of recommendation that she’ll be writing and it’s for me. life is funny.

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masturbation isn’t even really something i do out of fun anymore

it’s more like “its 3am i cant sleep and i have to wake up in five hours, lemme just do this real quick to knock me out”

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this is still happening in 2014 

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