We found this girl dropped off in front of Memphis’s #HumaneSociety on our way out, so we got them to open the intake door which was inexplicably closed so that she didn’t wander off and get hurt or get even sicker in the heat. The woman we spoke with that day was all gung ho about us coming back and adopting her. Said it was great, gave us a number, told us to come back when she was available for adoption. Spent who knows how long with her today and we absolutely love her. Dom put in the application and while going over it they tell us we can’t adopt her because we “dropped her off.” And apparently the same woman who gave us the number is the one who informed the woman at the desk that we weren’t eligible to adopt this specific dog. I guess this establishment doesn’t have security cameras??? Anyway. Long story short I’m 50 Shades of Pissed because I’ve spoken to Dom about her every day since we found her (and she’d been outside in the heat and unattended for at least 45 minutes) and she’s a hyper little monkey and wants so badly to get out of there and we love her to death

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We were talking about Black feminism, Nicki Minaj’s cover, the tumblr nonsense related to the last which I will get back to today once my hair is done, the sexualization of the Black female body, Black men v Black women, and gay white guys insisting they’re strong independent black women and the glorification of the strong stereotype that is often detrimental to Black women and our psyche. And Hamas, the IDF, social media and the lobby, and Palestine in general.

At a party. These things follow me.

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teacher:alright fold your papers in half
entire class:hot dog or hamburger
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some white guy can get 38k (as of the time of this post) for a potato salad kickstarter but funds for creative projects and people that sometimes need a little help to get by can barely scrounge up enough cash to survive or make their dreams come true


I am extremely dubious that the color of his skin had anything to do with it. I find it more likely that they paid him because it was a queer and humorous idea.

Queer and black people not being funded is another problem entirely.

If you think a black male could have made 38k off of not wanting to spend money on potatoes and eggs, I want to live in the world you inhabit.

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I should have just done my twists the way I did last time, man. My sections are a lot smaller, which means my roots won’t be so puffy because the amount of locs and the amount of my hair are so equal. BUT! This means I have to do more twists to cover my head, which means more hair. The entire top of my head and much of the back is left and I only have one pack left. However, I don’t want my hair too be too full near the top and at the back because I like to wear hats. So, I’ll probably end up doing bigger sections anyway. Hopefully I don’t need more hair because I apparently can’t get more until Friday.

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sherinarar asked:
So I'm not a Native American, but I'm pretty infatuated by your culture and find it really artistic. However, looking through your page it seems to be rude to represent the culture when not directly associated with it? If that's so I'll stop!!



Why are you infatuated with us? Romanticism and fetishism of Natives actually hurts legitimate Native culture because you’re seeing a glamorized, sexualized, and often inaccurate portrayal of us. We’re human beings, just like you. Learning about real Native culture is good, but if you aren’t Native yourself, don’t try to speak for us. Those who make ‘Native inspired’ art claiming to be Native when they aren’t are breaking the law too.

'represent the culture' ???? how can you if you aren't part of it.

My thoughts exactly. Surely to goodness this is a case of picking the wrong word to describe something.

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